Banana is exported/imported smartglass Malaysia all around the world, and almost 81% of banana is exported globally from 10 different countries. The import and export of banana is a massive industry that generated a revenue of $14 billion in the year 2017 alone, with a sharp rise in the previous year with almost 8.1% increase in the sales.

The reason for their massive improvement in import/export is because of the fact that they’re the most popular fruit around the world and are not seasonal. This means they can be grown in any climatic condition and do not require the right amount of soil, sunshine or water to grow. All over the world, the banana plantations are witnessed at least across 107 different countries.

Uses of banana

The primary use of bananas is obviously for consumption, due to its sweetness, without importing and overwhelming the taste buds. However, apart from its sweetness, it is also used or making banana wine, banana beer and also used in some parts of the world to make ornamental plants. Adding to the uses and advantages, people also consume massive amounts of banana as an alternative for starch.

The largest part of banana production comes from the Asian subcontinent, especially from India. The country contributes to one-fifth of all the bananas produced in the world .However, we’ve not featured the country in the list, because most of the bananas produced in the country, is consumed locally.

The next largest producer of banana is the Philippines with a dramatic 7% o the global banana production. Adding to this, it is still not the largest exporter, because most of the bananas are consumed locally.

Uses of banana

Export of bananas

The export of bananas is dominated by the Central American region, along with the export of coffee. Some countries like the Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica are also called the republicans of banana as their economies depend primarily on the export of bananas to other countries.

Most of the export of bananas is to the European countries. Since their climate is not favourable for the growth of the fruit, they majorly import from these below-mentioned countries.

List of largest exporters of banana

  1. Ecuador with $2.6 billion revenue
  2. Belgium with $1.3 billion revenue
  3. Philippines with $1.1 billion revenue
  4. Costa Rica with $907 million revenue
  5. Colombia with $835 million revenue
  6. Guatemala with $721 million revenue
  7. The United States of America with $470 million revenue
  8. Germany with $367 million revenue
  9. Dominican republic with $331 million revenue
  10. The Netherlands with $253 million revenue

From the list, we can see that Ecuador is significantly the largest smart glass manufacturers exporter of banana in the world and a majority of its economy depends on the export of bananas. It exports everything it grows, and the export quantity is twice that of Belgium, which is placed in the Number two position from the above list.