What is the role of the projector screen for retail store/marketing?


What is meant by projector screen?

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The projector is one of the output devices which project the images on a large surface like a screen or wall. There is an alternative used like monitor and television when showing the videos and images to the large group of peoples. The projectors are available in the different shapes and sizes. The projector screen for retail store/marketing is an important feature for promoting the brands and products to the customers.


What is the role of the projector screen in the retail store marketing?

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Nowadays, in the shopping landscape, every element of the REV Multitouch retail store marketing plays a critical role in capturing the customer attention. The projection technology will be changing the way of the retailers can approach the space, bringing the store experience, and adding colors. The best ways are given by,

  • Bring your showroom and store alive with the visual merchandising.
  • Experiment with the projection mapping
  • Draw the customers in with compelling the window displays
  • The digital signage will keep your promotions current
  • Win the customers with environmentally friendly choices.


The revolution of digital signage will highlight the latest products and the current promotion of the store and showroom.


What is the projector screens used in the retail shops?


There are four types of projector screens are used in the retail shops they are given by,

  • Resistive touch
  • Infrared touch
  • Optical imaging touch
  • Projector capacitive touch


The resistive touch panel is one of the cost-effective variants. It is less durable. The resistive touch panels are used in the grocery shops.

Infrared touch will support the projection screen multi-touch functionality and durable.

Optical imaging touch is one of the non-compact design. This can be achieved through any input from gloves to bare hands.

Projector capacitive touch has a high precision and high-speed response times.


What are the advantages of using the projector screens in the retail stores?


  • There is a largest-possible of pictures of the products and brands of the store. It makes more attention to the peoples.
  • It is low cost compared to other traditional advertising methods.
  • The space will be saved and hanging on the ceiling and wall
  • The projector screens are easy to install and also it is easy to clean.

Because of these advantages, most of the owners of the retailer shop will prefer the projector screens for advertising.


How to buy the best projector screen for your shop?

  • Projector screen type – The first step is to choose the right projector screen based on your needs and applications.
  • Projector screen fabric – The important features of the fabrics are gain, angle view, fabric color, HD fabrics, and acoustic transparency.
  • Projector screen size – The standard formats are HD TV format, widescreen format, cinema format, square format, and video format.
  • Screen accessories – You must select the right accessories for your projector screens. Mounting brackets, a projector mounts, remote and cables are the some of the accessories you need to purchase for your projector screens.