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We check, hear, and talk about websites, say 50 times a day, but do we know what goes behind the screen? To cut a long story short, websites are contents of information made to look appealing with the help of designing. web design Malaysia is the process of developing websites that are uploaded on the internet.

It calls for technical skills and creativity on the designer’s part and hence is a highly rated sophisticated activity. Professional qualities are called to design create and maintain websites so that it is attractive informative and has the required information that the user is looking for once they visit the website.

The more the website’s viewership and the more time a user spends on the website is the key index of the technical quality and usability of a website.     

Make your Website Optimize for Mobile Audience and get Benefit

How to make a website super-catchy? 

  • Content

Its content judges every website, and no matter what, we cannot ignore this aspect. It is also very important to analyze the needs of a particular website and design it accordingly. For example, a commercial website of a toothpaste product should have a vivid and attractive video of the use of the same toothpaste. 

  • Color

Websites should have a great color combination. Color palettes and their use render a great eye appeal, which is the key element to attract a user to the website. The content, when inscribed with an appealing color combination, is sure to have a great effect.

  • Images

Website designing should have great images. One can take photographs or hire photographers to take videos and photos. One can also apply the option of paid photo images that are available from photo resources. 

Website designing should be done, keeping in mind that many users will visit the site using mobile phones. Hence the website should be optimized accordingly with responsive web design Malaysia so that the user experience is great will viewing and scrolling on a small screen of a mobile phone. QR codes may be a great option for mobile viewing.


What is more important? Content or visual appeal.  

The question is like asking what is important for the body to survive, heart, or brain? The answer is both are important for survival. Similarly, both the content and visuals are important for website designing. 

It calls for a pragmatic usage of ‘fonts.’ Fonts, when applied prudently, creates a great appeal. It brings out the true flair of a website. Fonts create depth in the content of a website and have a real and great visual impact. 

Great websites call for adding quality sliders towards full content. One needs to be conclusive and pivotal while website designing. For example, a bar promoting website needs to have a full photograph of the bar upfront. Then sliders are used to show zoomed-in photographs of the product, say the drinks served, then another slider for table layout and music arrangements. The key idea remains to create interest in the minds of the user for the bar. 

As users, we get attracted to websites subconsciously, don’t we? All the due credit would go to the designers behind them. So, website designing is not only a skill, but it is an art form that requires creativity!