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We also have an academic program to educate people about banana farming at all temperatures and regional climates.


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I am glad to do business with Allegiant. They have been consistent in providing the best quality bananas for our products for over ten years.

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I love how the company is as friendly to our small business as they are to the big industries that they supply to. They have been really supportive of my new business.

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Their products have been the best quality that I have tasted myself so far. Their professionalism in supplying a fresh batch in unmatchable.

Kasie Dowdell

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Our special growth formula will help produce the best batches of bananas in all regions irrespective of the climates. Learn about our program here.

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We make sure that our farms are always healthy with a safe and well-monitored pest control system.


Website Designing- A Skill With Creativity

How to Find Your Target Audience | Elegant Themes Blog

We check, hear, and talk about websites, say 50 times a day, but do we know what goes behind the screen? To cut a long story short, websites are contents of information made to look appealing with the help of designing. web design Malaysia is the process of developing websites that are uploaded on the internet.

It calls for technical skills and creativity on the designer’s part and hence is a highly rated sophisticated activity. Professional qualities are called to design create and maintain websites so that it is attractive informative and has the required information that the user is looking for once they visit the website.

The more the website’s viewership and the more time a user spends on the website is the key index of the technical quality and usability of a website.     

Make your Website Optimize for Mobile Audience and get Benefit

How to make a website super-catchy? 

  • Content

Its content judges every website, and no matter what, we cannot ignore this aspect. It is also very important to analyze the needs of a particular website and design it accordingly. For example, a commercial website of a toothpaste product should have a vivid and attractive video of the use of the same toothpaste. 

  • Color

Websites should have a great color combination. Color palettes and their use render a great eye appeal, which is the key element to attract a user to the website. The content, when inscribed with an appealing color combination, is sure to have a great effect.

  • Images

Website designing should have great images. One can take photographs or hire photographers to take videos and photos. One can also apply the option of paid photo images that are available from photo resources. 

Website designing should be done, keeping in mind that many users will visit the site using mobile phones. Hence the website should be optimized accordingly with responsive web design Malaysia so that the user experience is great will viewing and scrolling on a small screen of a mobile phone. QR codes may be a great option for mobile viewing.


What is more important? Content or visual appeal.  

The question is like asking what is important for the body to survive, heart, or brain? The answer is both are important for survival. Similarly, both the content and visuals are important for website designing. 

It calls for a pragmatic usage of ‘fonts.’ Fonts, when applied prudently, creates a great appeal. It brings out the true flair of a website. Fonts create depth in the content of a website and have a real and great visual impact. 

Great websites call for adding quality sliders towards full content. One needs to be conclusive and pivotal while website designing. For example, a bar promoting website needs to have a full photograph of the bar upfront. Then sliders are used to show zoomed-in photographs of the product, say the drinks served, then another slider for table layout and music arrangements. The key idea remains to create interest in the minds of the user for the bar. 

As users, we get attracted to websites subconsciously, don’t we? All the due credit would go to the designers behind them. So, website designing is not only a skill, but it is an art form that requires creativity! 

The world’s biggest banana exporting countries

Banana is exported/imported smartglass Malaysia all around the world, and almost 81% of banana is exported globally from 10 different countries. The import and export of banana is a massive industry that generated a revenue of $14 billion in the year 2017 alone, with a sharp rise in the previous year with almost 8.1% increase in the sales.

The reason for their massive improvement in import/export is because of the fact that they’re the most popular fruit around the world and are not seasonal. This means they can be grown in any climatic condition and do not require the right amount of soil, sunshine or water to grow. All over the world, the banana plantations are witnessed at least across 107 different countries.

Uses of banana

The primary use of bananas is obviously for consumption, due to its sweetness, without importing and overwhelming the taste buds. However, apart from its sweetness, it is also used or making banana wine, banana beer and also used in some parts of the world to make ornamental plants. Adding to the uses and advantages, people also consume massive amounts of banana as an alternative for starch.

The largest part of banana production comes from the Asian subcontinent, especially from India. The country contributes to one-fifth of all the bananas produced in the world .However, we’ve not featured the country in the list, because most of the bananas produced in the country, is consumed locally.

The next largest producer of banana is the Philippines with a dramatic 7% o the global banana production. Adding to this, it is still not the largest exporter, because most of the bananas are consumed locally.

Uses of banana

Export of bananas

The export of bananas is dominated by the Central American region, along with the export of coffee. Some countries like the Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica are also called the republicans of banana as their economies depend primarily on the export of bananas to other countries.

Most of the export of bananas is to the European countries. Since their climate is not favourable for the growth of the fruit, they majorly import from these below-mentioned countries.

List of largest exporters of banana

  1. Ecuador with $2.6 billion revenue
  2. Belgium with $1.3 billion revenue
  3. Philippines with $1.1 billion revenue
  4. Costa Rica with $907 million revenue
  5. Colombia with $835 million revenue
  6. Guatemala with $721 million revenue
  7. The United States of America with $470 million revenue
  8. Germany with $367 million revenue
  9. Dominican republic with $331 million revenue
  10. The Netherlands with $253 million revenue

From the list, we can see that Ecuador is significantly the largest smart glass manufacturers exporter of banana in the world and a majority of its economy depends on the export of bananas. It exports everything it grows, and the export quantity is twice that of Belgium, which is placed in the Number two position from the above list.

What is the role of the projector screen for retail store marketing


What is the role of the projector screen for retail store/marketing?


What is meant by projector screen?

What is Retail?: A Look Back and Ahead at the World's Most Vibrant Industry - Vend Retail Blog

The projector is one of the output devices which project the images on a large surface like a screen or wall. There is an alternative used like monitor and television when showing the videos and images to the large group of peoples. The projectors are available in the different shapes and sizes. The projector screen for retail store/marketing is an important feature for promoting the brands and products to the customers.


What is the role of the projector screen in the retail store marketing?

Retail Store Check | SGS USA

Nowadays, in the shopping landscape, every element of the REV Multitouch retail store marketing plays a critical role in capturing the customer attention. The projection technology will be changing the way of the retailers can approach the space, bringing the store experience, and adding colors. The best ways are given by,

  • Bring your showroom and store alive with the visual merchandising.
  • Experiment with the projection mapping
  • Draw the customers in with compelling the window displays
  • The digital signage will keep your promotions current
  • Win the customers with environmentally friendly choices.


The revolution of digital signage will highlight the latest products and the current promotion of the store and showroom.


What is the projector screens used in the retail shops?


There are four types of projector screens are used in the retail shops they are given by,

  • Resistive touch
  • Infrared touch
  • Optical imaging touch
  • Projector capacitive touch


The resistive touch panel is one of the cost-effective variants. It is less durable. The resistive touch panels are used in the grocery shops.

Infrared touch will support the projection screen multi-touch functionality and durable.

Optical imaging touch is one of the non-compact design. This can be achieved through any input from gloves to bare hands.

Projector capacitive touch has a high precision and high-speed response times.


What are the advantages of using the projector screens in the retail stores?


  • There is a largest-possible of pictures of the products and brands of the store. It makes more attention to the peoples.
  • It is low cost compared to other traditional advertising methods.
  • The space will be saved and hanging on the ceiling and wall
  • The projector screens are easy to install and also it is easy to clean.

Because of these advantages, most of the owners of the retailer shop will prefer the projector screens for advertising.


How to buy the best projector screen for your shop?

  • Projector screen type – The first step is to choose the right projector screen based on your needs and applications.
  • Projector screen fabric – The important features of the fabrics are gain, angle view, fabric color, HD fabrics, and acoustic transparency.
  • Projector screen size – The standard formats are HD TV format, widescreen format, cinema format, square format, and video format.
  • Screen accessories – You must select the right accessories for your projector screens. Mounting brackets, a projector mounts, remote and cables are the some of the accessories you need to purchase for your projector screens.


Know Why You Should Buy YouTube Subscription And Subscription

2019's 10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools / Digital Information WorldVideo marketing advertising agency malaysia has become one of the most result-oriented ways to promote new services and brands. All thanks to YouTube that has made it possible for businesses to get their products and services in the spotlight through videos. It has been estimated that over 300 hours of videos are uploaded on this platform every minute, and to get your video stand out from the crowd is not that easy and simple. But, the good news is that there are some easiest ways available to beat the system and to grab the attention of the viewers. You can Buy YouTube Subscriptions online for your videos and channel. This can help you a lot in increasing your income through YouTube.

How To Get Or Buy Youtube Subscribers?

Have you ever wanted to get views or subscribers on YouTube? If you have a perfect title, description, and tags, and your video is awesome, but it is not getting that much publicity you wanted for it. Even you have promoted it on different platforms, why is it not getting popular? It is important to have patience and strength if you want to get a thousand views on YouTube. Moreover, it is advised to head in the right direction to get more views.

23 of the Best Website Homepage Design ExamplesWhy Should You Buy a Subscription?

How often your videos achieve the target of 100 Subscriptions or followers after it is uploaded? Well, viewers tend to trust and follow those videos and people having more authority. This behavior is referred to as Obedience to Authority, and the same condition is applicable for YouTube. More followers or subscribers and subscriptions your videos have, more people will trust you and your videos. This also increases the likeliness to get your video shared with others.

Other Reasons to Buy YouTube Subscription:

If you will Buy YouTube Subscription for your videos, then:

  • It will build authority for your videos instantly.
  • It will boost the ranking of your videos in search results.
  • Your videos will gain more credibility and reputation.
  • You can save hours that you would spend sharing videos on social media.
  • It is the cheapest option to become popular on YouTube.


Fortify your communal sincerity

Consumers are drawn towards the content that they have heard about from some other source. When a person happens to hunt down your video, holding a huge number of responses, the more probability there will be, he will watch it with a broad horizon. This goes along simultaneously with harboring a reputation as a fabricator of authentic content since your sincerity will become an anchor of your esteem. If you make the view purchase from a reliable origin, your credibility will surely be pushed up.

When you Buy a YouTube subscription and add it to your video, more people will visit automatically to watch the presentation and even share it with others. You and your company will experience incredible ROI, and this will make you quite popular on this video sharing platform.


What are the needs of meeting rooms?

All rooms event space should equip with modern facilities, including touchpad controls for media systems, and ambient controls for lighting and temperature. The meeting rooms should need a piece of technical equipment such as projectors, screens, or similar projection surface comes as standard. The enough space is need for the count of the attendees or candidates. You should indicate the meeting arrangement person about the count of the attendees then only they are allocating you a good and flexible spaced meeting room ask venue malaysia for you. The impressive and innovative auditoriums are needed for the meeting. The largest meeting room is good enough for the candidates with flexible and comfort zone. It features state of the art technical equipment to ensure the best conditions for technical and scientific events. The adjacent foyer area provides a space for catering and exhibitions. If you are conducting a function of sudden, this adjacent area is making your function more fun.

Finding the best meeting room with the right layout

Getting the best meeting rooms will need some basic researches. But it will lead us to spend our time in an effortless and useful way. Finding the best meeting room with the right layout and location makes all the difference in your experience. It is not just like searching a house or restaurant for you. It is more than that, there is not only a single person will spend. There are a huge number of people are collaborated in a single meeting space. So, you should know all their needs and flexibly. Whether you need a more conventional meeting room setup with from facing and main area for the collaborations. These kinds of front-facing stations and a collaborative configuration that help to promote dialogue and brainstorming. Reserving a large or small meeting rooms with full-fledged attendees and facilities online so you have the space you need in the best area with amenities like well-placed furniture, high speed of internet, nonstop power supply, technical equipment, and presentation equipment. 

Virtual meeting rooms for saving more money

Virtual meeting rooms are fully dependent on the internet facilities, but in this technology no need to searching the venues for the meeting. You can easily collaborate with your friends or colleagues without spending money. You just create your mail id and sign up with the meeting room. Create your meeting room for your team. Then share the meeting URL with your colleague to join with you. Otherwise, just give them a meeting id to join. Once they are entering the meeting id or URL in the specified space click the join button. After that, your colleagues are in your meeting room. Now you can explain your idea and views with your attendees. This will be an easy, low cost-effective, flexible and scalable technique to collaborate with the people. The candidates are also exploring their points to all the candidates. Use the above-given ideas in your meeting with innovative and interesting ideas and take your production to the next level.


History of Ecuador Banana Production and Exports

Despite India being the largest producer of banana in the world that contributes to almost one-fifth of the total banana production in the country, Ecuador is considered as the largest exporter of the fruit. This is because most of the banana that is produced in India Is consumed by their citizens only.

Ecuador and banana

The country did not gain the stardom of becoming the largest exporter of banana overnight, but took years of hard work, especially after the second world war. They tried to compensate for the loss of the market for their cacao industry. This boom for banana exportation began in 1948, when the president of the country Galo Plaza, initiated the cultivation of banana with assistance and support like

  • Construction of portals
  • Costal railway
  • Price regulation
  • Agricultural needs and credits from the government

Central America was then a competitor to Ecuador for their banana cultivation and export. However, the post-war scenario was completely different from what we see today. Their fall was mainly because of the loss of support and discipline from the government and the onset of hurricanes, cyclones, and all other common diseases in the country.

Hence, all these bleak factors helped Ecuador is becoming one of the larger guest exporters of banana in 1952.By the end of the decade, that is in 1964, it was known for producing 25% of the world’s banana needs, which is much higher than all the Central American countries.

Ecuador and banana


This extensive cultivation and export of bananas had a significant impact on the government and the banana industry, which led to the improvement of all the small, medium and large scale industries in the country.

In 1934, the banana plantation and production from Ecuador was purchased by the United Fruit Company and changed its name to Chiquita Brands International Inc. the entire plate and production area were estimated to be 3,071 hectares that is almost 8,000 acres of land.

However, their plantations became a victim of the Panama disease, which was then a fungal infection in the plants that appeared around the 1950s in Ecuador. And sadly so, by the end of 1960, most of the plants in the region were destroyed.

Post the scenario, almost 99% of all the banana cultivation land in Ecuador was then concentrated to only three provinces, to ease the task of controlling – Pacific coast El Oro, Guaymas and Los Rios. These regions were mainly selected for the humid, tropical climate they possessed.


Harvesting of the crop

Even today, unlike most other fruits or vegetables in Ecuador, banana is harvested all year long and precisely, they’re harvested weekly as well. Once the roots and shoots start growing in the plant, they’re cut and gathered for a year-long in other regions, hence making way for the other batch of roots and shoots. This is how they’re able to keep up with the supply and demand of the region.